Of cource polar bears care about the environment, so do we!

Aanderaa WebShop

Welcome to Aanderaa WebShop. You need a password to log in. Please contact our representative in your region if you do not have access.

After you log in, you will find a range of products which is expanding continuously. The products are configurable. That is; they come as a basic platform with a set of optional features.

The basic platform represents the minimal solution for a workable product and represents the lowest cost. The options will enhance the product, expand its features and make it more comprehensive in use and operation.

Aanderaa Data Instruments has over 50 years experience in supplying scientific instruments, sensors and systems for the monitoring of environmental parameters in the ocean, inland waters and rivers.

The products range from different sensors to complete systems with capability to record and/or transmit data.

Aanderaa Data Instrument products are accurate, reliable, rugged, designed for harsh environments and easy to use. Our products are used all over the world.

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