SeaGuard_Platform_with display,_oxygen_sensor and_CTD

SeaGuard Platform

SeaGuard platforms provides the user with the possibility to perform long term monitoring of sea and inland water using the latest technology for measurement. It employs Aanderaa sensors known for their long term calibration stability and unique non-stirring sensitive construction.

Default features:

  • Down to 2 seconds recording interval 
  • 2 GByte storage capacity
  • Alkaline battery (15Ah) - Expandable to 70Ah
  • Seaguard Studio Software  

 Optional features:

  • Current Speed/Direction
  • Oxygen
  • Pressure, Tide and Wave
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Turbidity
  • 3rd party analog sensors

Three platforms are available:

The user may select between a wide range of framing and deployment features, real-time communication facilities and display software.