RCM Series

Featuring the unique ZPulse, multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor (DCS).
RCM Blue is a dedicated current and temperature logger with internal storage and all configuration and downloading of data are performed via Bluetooth. This makes the instruments very easy to operate and you don't need to open the pressure case between each deployments.
SeaGuard RCM is a multiparameter platform and feature a modular plug and play architecture with upto 20+ AiCaP sensors and 4 analog sensors, either connected to the top end plate or via cable. Each platform may be equipped with a wide range of optional smart sensors, such as temperature, conductivity, pressure, turbidity and oxygen

Common Advantages:

 • Large storage capacity 
 • Down to 2 second recording interval
 • For use in sea and fresh water
 • Low current drain                                                  
SEAGUARD®  RCM Advantages:
 • Up to 4 Analog sensor input (0-5V)                                        
 • SEAGUARD® Studio visualization software included        

 • Smart sensor topology based on a reliable CANbus interface (AiCaP) 
 • Windows CE based datalogger with color touch panel for local configuration
 • 300 m, 3000 m and 6000 meter versions
RCM Blue Advantages:
 • Bluetooth
 • Real-Time Collector configuration software
 • Data Studion visualization software
Aanderaa, a Xylem brand