The new collection of Aanderaa smart sensors for oceanographic use comprises Doppler current speed and direction, optical oxygen, temperature, pressure, tide, wave and conductivity sensors.

Most of the sensors support the RS-232 protocole, while some support the new AiCap, CANBus based interface, and others the RS-422.  

The smart sensor collection is built on a modern platform using DSP processors with high capacity. They are autonomeous and provide ready to use data in engineering format. Some sensors provide multiple parameters.

The Aanderaa sensor collection is grouped in three categories; shallow water (SW) with depth capability of 300 meters, intermediate water (IW) with depth capability of 3000 meters and deep water (DW) with depth capability og 6000 meters.

Shallow Water - 300 meter

Intermediate Water - 3000 meter

Deep Water - 6000 meter

Aanderaa, a Xylem brand